Group Exhibition

04.06.- 02.07.2021

We are thrilled to present the group exhibition ENLIVENING VOL ll by selected female artists from Poland. This group exhibition enlightens the vibrant polish art scene in the current moment and shows a broad field of high quality art. ENLIVENING VOL ll focuses upon showing different styles of art with a stretch from minimalism to abstract and hyperrealistic art. The artists for the exhibition are carefully picked and compliment each other in themes, thoughts and expressions.

The title of the group exhibition ENLIVENING VOL ll is a collective name that suits each artist individually. The exhibition strives to deliver a new life and spirit after a time of feeling low, trapped or bound by certain aspects of life.

The seven selected artists for the exhibition are: Martyna Borowiecka, Edyta Hul, Maja Krysiak, Berenika Kowalska, Emilia Kina, Justyna Smoleń and Agnieszka Nienartowicz. 

Martyna Borowiecka’s oil paintings are described with a female voice, telling surreal stories filled with sensual charm, touch and girlish delicacy. With bold feminine colours and the use of illusionism, she creates and tells magical secrets within her artwork. 

Edyta Hul’s multilayered paintings are personal and intimate recordings of her current passions and emotions. Driven by a need of technological search, Hul keeps exploring possibilities using different painting techniques. Her curiosity and boldness leads to ever changing, dynamic paintings. Learn more about Hul here.

Maja Krysiak’s oil paintings themes oscillate around the form of a man and his distorted personality going against the mass contemporary culture. The idea began from her interest in 20 century circus, which engage thousands of people and animals who seem different from the norm society. The audience get and understanding and sense of feeling towards the stories of these people creating a magnificent show. Culture makes a bow towards self indulgence and Krysiak is trying to find this thin line between the real and the illusion. 

Berenika Kowalska started her career by depicting decorative forms with many detail-oriented elements and has gradually evolved towards more synthetic representations. Kowalska reduced the superfluous and today works more simply with the form of the image. In recent works, she refers to the meditative world of nature, which has a direct impact on man and which strongly influences our emotions and senses. Kowalska sees nature as an impulse that evokes thoughts and actions, and at the same time remains neutral, fleeting and transparent. The main inspirations for Kowalska are waterfalls, wind, fog, sand folds, reflections over the river, moonlight and sunlight. She chooses phenomena that are permanently delicate and that are in constant motion. Learn more about Kowalska here.

Emilia Kina’s art works spring from theoretical considerations and are rich in references to traditional painting. The motif of image-curtain which Kina employs is a clear reference to the Renaissance concept of a painting as a window onto the world. The theme of opening is replaced with the self-covering image, at once manifesting its physicality. Kina is interested in the materiality of the image, a simple form arising from complex problems.

Justyna Smoleń’s paintings occurs form an area of creative interests  of nature, the study of human relations with nature and mythology. In her artistic work, she is interested in the concept of a fragment as a field of creative inspiration. Often her paintings are based on the language of minimalist abstraction, which uses the material properties of paint to build the character of the work, the starting point of which is a fragment of natural space that organically grows in many directions. 

Agnieszka Nienartowicz’s oil paintings lead us into a universe that points back to and re-actualizes the great master painters through art history by reproducing selected parts of their art works in a new context. Her hyper-realistic oil paintings exude sensuality and mystery in a tranquil and intimate setting and her depiction of tattooed women provides a glimpse into a hidden world full of unsolved riddles and secret thoughts. Learn more about Nienartowicz here.

Maja Krysiak. The Dancers. 150 cm x 150 cm. Oil on canvas. 2003
Edyta Hul. Ambient Innards. Oil, enamel on canvas. 150 cm x 150 cm. 2020.