I Flor / In Bloom

Pop-Up Guest Exhibition

Thilde Maria Haukhol Kristensen (Poppykalas), Mette Hannemann and Johanne Lykke

Vernissage, bubbles and artist presentation on May 11th 17.00-20.00

 Free Entry!

Mother Queens by Maja Krysiak

Maja Krysiak, Mother Queens

Thank you for visiting Maja Krysiak’s solo exhibition Mother Queens. If you missed it or you wish to see some of the works once again, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can read more about the exhibition here.

Maja Krysiak, This is not a toxic love, 2021, Oil on canvas, 140 x 100cm

Thank you all for visiting Edyta Hul’s solo exhibition Nectar! If you missed the opportunity to see the show you still have a chance to see some of her beautiful artworks by inquiry.

Berenika Kowalska. Untitled. 2021. Oil on canvas. 120 cm x 150 cm.

Thank you all for visiting Berenika Kowalska’s solo exhibition TRACING FLUIDITY! If you missed the opportunity to see the show you still have a chance to see some of her beautiful artworks by inquiry.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Pilipczuk Gallery, Vesterbrogade 161, 1800 Frederiksberg C. / Metro st: Frederiksberg Allé
New location

Visit us at our Gallery Location!

We are extremely happy to invite you to our reasonably new location at Vesterbrogade 161, 1800 Frb. C. Despite of a time with restrictions, we feel very lucky to announce that we have out grown our lovely apartment and that we are ready for the next step in our gallery adventure. As we love to host pop up events at different locations, we will continue to keep this opportunity in our program. However it’s no secret we will enjoy to have a permanent gallery space for you to visit without booking an appointment.

We simply can’t wait to greet you there!

As a guest of Pilipczuk Gallery, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We continue to follow the Danish Health Authorities guidelines and safety measures for Covid-19.

Queen's Paradise

Thank you all for visiting Julia Medynska’s solo exhibition Queen’s Paradise. For Medyńska’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia, she created fifteen new oil paintings, made especially to fit within the gallery space of Pilipczuk Gallery. The solo exhibition, named Queen’s Paradise, is a humorist yet critical comment on the abuse of power and on the result of placing unfit rulers on the throne. Well, or so it may appear at first glance. On one hand, Medyńska portray well known archetypes of mythical tales, people of social rank, power, and opulence. On the other hand, the paintings hide dark secrets that are yet to be revealed.

Read more about the exhibition here.

For any inquiries, please contact us directly at 0045 51 26 19 76 or

Julia Medyńska, La Reina, 2021, Oil on canvas, 150 x 120 cm


Pilipczuk Gallery are beyond thrilled for the great interest and support during VOLTA Basel 2021, September 20-26th!

For VOLTA, we presented a solo booth with Martyna Borowiecka’s exhibition: I’m stuck in my idyllic chamber and I do not want to leave it.

The chamber is a visual response to personal needs and inner desires. It is a vision of an idyllic country that successively compresses one’s most distant imaginations. A kind of chapel in which one can pay tribute to the space dedicated to celebrating every moment of our existence. The pandemic reality adds an extra dimension to the paintings. Forcibly isolated we are looking for an outlet for the natural need for a sense of space:

“Sometimes, however, it is good to stay in isolation and fall in love with the details of our life.”- Martyna Borowiecka

Martyna Borowiecka, Time for Nightmares, 150 cm x 140 cm, Oil on canvas, 2021