Upcoming exhibition

Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet)

Martyna Borowiecka

September 2020

Upcoming exhibition

Pilipczuk Gallery are thrilled to announce our first exhibition with polish female artist Martyna Borowiecka (1989). Borowiecka is currently working with femininity and old master technique Trompe l’oeil. We hope to present Borowiecka’s first solo exhibition in Scandinavia in September 2020.

The exhibition named Pearl earring, tear drop (stuffy sweet) shows Martyna Borowiecka’s most resent work, where she is exploring the strength and variety in female softness through oil painting. Her big scale canvas paintings are playing with the old master technique Trompe l’oeil, which is a technique that works with illusionism, deceiving and playing a game with the viewers eye. By combining this traditional technique with Borowiecka’s contemporary subjects and working methods, she keeps the old master technique alive while adding it relevance.

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Martyna Borowiecka. She felt waves of silver glow envelop her sensitive skin. 150 cm x 115 cm. Oil on canvas. 2018.
Martyna Borowiecka. Stay here all night and see the moon rise. 160 cm x 120 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019.
Martyna Borowiecka. Delightful afternoon heaviness. 170 cm x 100 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019.
Martyna Borowiecka. Walking away in a dazzling glow. 90 cm x 80 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019.