Agata Szymanek


Solo exhibition October 29th 2022 – December 3rd 2022

Pilipczuk Gallery, Vesterbrogade 161, 1800 Frederiksberg C, (+45) 51 26 19 76

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Notes from a visit to the zoological museum

I enter where the sheets are spliced

I see unkempt hair and the organizing principle (uninvited)

A stuffed bird on the cross

Everything is covered in fur. Inside the jars are symbols of compelled worship (?)

The animals are clearly signs (uninvited). They are the unspoiled presence of letters inserted in the wrong sentences, or else mistaken symbols in an objective dream without a dreamer

I have no encounter. If there is an encounter it is the kind of encounter that occurs between two different orders separated by cellophane. Each exhibit is pushed together like dried kelp for preservation and I, the spectator, can not partake. Everything is layered surfaces pressed together to touch, as in the case of transplantation without suture. I’m not sure if there is any touch, however. What happens behind the glass is only appearance from the place before it.

-extract from exhibition text by filosoffer Carl Olsson

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