Private Viewing Presentations

At Pilipczuk Gallery you are always welcome to book a private viewing presentation for you and your colleges, clients, friends or family. We like to go the extra mile for our customers and value the time to introduce you to the artworks individually or in smaller groups. We are happy to answer your questions and give you time and space to look at the artworks in a calm setting. We also host tailored events and group showings.

We cater for experienced art viewers, for those less experienced and for complete beginners! Please do not hesitate to contact us, no matter of your previous art understanding. We guide you all the way and make sure to give you thorough and professional advisement, regardless of whether it is your first work of art or one of many.

To book a private viewing please fill in the contact form underneath. You can also write directly to or call +45 51 26 19 76. 

Selecting Art for your private home or company

Finding unique art for your home or business can initially be overwhelming, and time-consuming. It takes skills to be able to freely navigate the art market, evaluate price levels and keep up with recent developments. At Pilipczuk Gallery we provide professional art advice as well as artworks in various styles, sizes and price levels. All our artworks are carefully and thoughtfully selected with our deep understanding, experience and passion for art.

To get a price-list example or to book a meeting with us, please to or call +45 51 26 19 76. 

Book a private viewing
Please write the date and time you wish to visit our gallery. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You are also welcome to call on +45 51 26 19 76 to make an appointment.