About Pilipczuk Gallery

Pilipczuk Gallery is a new established Copenhagen based art gallery.

Currently pleased to represent selected female polish artist. 


Visit us at Vesterbrogade 161, 1800 Frb. C

Pilipczuk Gallery. Photo: Magnus Bergstrand

Pilipczuk Gallery is founded on the idea of being able to give a platform for both artists and galleries in equal measures. We feel it’s important to work closely with the artists by good communication, co-operation and respecting each others work and ideas. We want clients to enjoy their experience within the Gallery and explore the variety of artists we display.

Pilipczuk Gallery is located on Vesterbrogade 161, where we host vernissages, art saloons and tailored events. We are a dynamic gallery, enjoying to host pop up events in and out side our gallery location.

Pilipczuk Gallery are currently representing talented polish female artists. The artists we select are at the beginning of their career, and have already shown a huge dedication and ambition throughout their oevre.

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