Solo Exhibition by Martyna Borowiecka

Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet)
25.09.- 25.10.2020

Please contact us to book an appointment or a viewing of Martyna Borowiecka’s solo exhibition: Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet) during the period Friday 25th September – Sunday 25th of October at Pilipczuk Gallery, Vesterbrogade 176, 4th floor, 1800 Frederiksberg. 

As a guest of Pilipczuk Gallery, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Of course, we follow the Danish health authorities’ recommendations and guidelines due to Covid-19.

We are thrilled to present the exhibition Pearl Earring, Tear Drop (stuffy sweet) by Martyna Borowiecka. Borowiecka’s 16 oil paintings are described with a female voice, telling surreal stories filled with sensual charm, touch and girlish delicacy. With bold feminine colours and the use of illusionism, she creates and tells magical secrets within her artwork.

In this exhibition Martyna Borowiecka is working with the reproduction of a particular feeling and emotion that she experienced while watching the film of Peter Weir, from the book “Picnic under a Hanging Rock” by Joan Lindsay. Watching “Picnic under a Hanging Rock” Borowiecka felt an emotion of wanting to look for facts and to solve the drama in a logic way, while at the same time, she was longing to stay in the magic and the illusion of reality. At first her emotions turned into visions and then transformed into collages, which in the end became oil paintings on canvas. 


She then asked the question; ‘Are her oil paintings a reality or an illusion?’


Over time, Borowiecka has created her own recognisable style of coloured collage oil paintings. Browsing magazines for inspiration and printing captivating motifs. She doesn’t ask herself specific questions or make assumptions, instead she allows herself to be surprised and to surrender to her subconscious of stream and to follow her instinct. In her paintings, she uses bold colours and symbols like female shoes or handbags. She is aware others might review her artwork as being naive and kitsch but doesn’t let this affect her in a negative way. Instead and with total determination she allows herself to breathe and give in to these qualities fully: 


”What has remained dormant so far, gets its clear voice and speaks by turning everything that has been found weak into power.” – Martyna Borowiecka

Martyna Borowiecka. Walking away in a dazzling glow. 90 cm x 80 cm. Oil on canvas. 2019 / SOLD

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