Solo Exhibition by Edyta Hul

13.11.- 13.12.2020

On the weekend 13-15th of November Pilipczuk Gallery invites you to an OPEN HOUSE vernissage in connection with the Polish artist Hul’s solo exhibition ELIXIR. The open house takes place at Vesterbrogade 176, 4th, 1800 Frederiksberg C. The gallery will offer a quirky and untraditional hanging of paintings, characterized by the rooms of our gallery as well as by Hul’s diffent shaped canvases. During the vernissage, there will be an opportunity to elaborate and chat about Hul’s work.

The vernissage is free and does not require registration. Due to COVID-19 safety measures please note that we require everyone to use their masks. As a guest of Pilipczuk Gallery, your safety is of the utmost importance to us. Of course, we follow the Danish health authorities’ recommendations and guidelines. 

Hul’s exhibition ELIXIR takes us into the mysteries of antiquity and the transformations of alchemy. Inspired by the ancient belief in a life-prolonging drink, Hul explores how the word elixir can be metaphorically applied to our modern lifestyle. Hul is critical of the way we try to mark ourselves in the world and wonders how we seek to be remembered, seen and heard. She looks inward and examines how and why she, as a painter, leaves life-prolonging traces on earth.

“It is important for me that I can leave something behind. In a period of general overproduction and excessive consumption, I think each of us feels like we want to expand our being with something more than our existence. So you are not just a function in the world that disappears with time, but that you add content and have an impact on the world even when we are no longer living ” – Hul

Hul’s paintings is a reflection of her own form of existence, as an extension of her body and soul.  Her method for the exhibition is based on the Latin expression Solve et Cagula, which is reflected in the fact that her process is a continuous destruction of her work followed by a reconstruction and a search of putting the painting back in order.

“Just as our lives consist of several falls, these fall backs can be a blessing in disguise and lead somewhere further than expecting. It’s essential to consistently be moving forward. ” – Hul

Hul is driven by a technological quest and movement, that allows her to break a process down and rebuild. She places great emphasis on pushing boundaries and taking risks ,while searching for new expressions in her paintings. Her curiosity, risk-taking and courage, result in dynamic works that are constantly evolving.

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Edyta Hul. No title. 200 cm x 100 cm. Oil, enamel, pigment on canvas. 2020