Justyna Smoleń

Justyna Smoleń was born in 1988. She is a visual artist, working in Krakow and Nowy Czas. In 2013 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, achieving her MA in Painting. In 2017 she received her PhD title. Smoleń has participated in several individual and group exhibitions such as Nature in Art at MOCAK The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow in 2019, and has received great awards such as 2th International Art Exhibition CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE in Czestochowa 2015. Smoleń’s artworks are in the museum collection of Zachęta Wrocław.

Smoleń creates paintings, spatial objects, sculptures and porcelain collages. Her area of ​​creative interests are the phenomena of nature, the study of human relations with nature and mythology. In her artistic work, she is interested in the concept of a fragment as a field of creative inspiration. Often her paintings are based on the language of minimalist abstraction, which uses the material properties of paint to build the character of the work, the starting point of which is a fragment of natural space that organically grows in many directions. These images try to visually present the void as well as the endless multitude of visions in one object. Smoleń draws attention to the variability of the interpretation of the work of art and the individual perception of the work by the viewer. Her creative method is also based on the deconstruction of found objects, on the basis of which she creates new, hybrid artistic qualities, deconstructing their meanings.

Justyna Smoleń. White IV. Oil on canvas. 150 cm x 100 cm. 2019
Justyna Smoleń. Oval I. 50 cm x 60 cm. Oil on board. 2018
Justyna SmoleńWhite V. Oil on canvas. 150 cm x 100 cm. 2019
Justyna Smoleń. Oval IV. 50 cm x 80 cm. Oil on board. 2019
Justyna Smoleń. Oval III. 20 cm x 20 cm. Oil on board. 2019
Justyna Smoleń. White VI. Oil on canvas. 150 cm x 100 cm. 2019.
Justyna Smoleń. Oval V. 30 cm x 30 cm. Oil on board. 2019